Healing Room

Do you suffer from back or neck pain, arthritis, depression, chronic pain, sleeping problems, allergies, headaches, walking difficulty, lung problems, anxiety, digestive problems, chest pain, or any other physical or emotional condition? We would love to pray for you.

The Healing Room currently happens online, but we would be delighted to pray for you at any other time as well.

The next Healing Room is – Saturday 5 June, from 11 AM until mid day.

If you can't make that date or it's too far away, please email & we can arrange a time to pray for you.


Enter the Healing Room

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Meeting ID: 827 1703 6448

Passcode: 994145

What can I expect?

You will be welcomed in the Healing Room by the host, and have a chance to ask any questions. You will then go into a breakout room where a group of three people (usually) will pray for you.

They will just ask your name and what you would like Jesus to do for you.

How long will it take?

Each "appointment" takes 10 – 15 minutes.

What happens at the end?

You will be directed back to the host, who will ask how you got on. We would like to send you a letter about healing, and so we will ask for your name and email address – you don't have to give this if you don't want to, and it will not be added to a database – it will just be used to send the letter to you.

Do you offer counselling?

No, we just pray for healing and God's blessing on you, which is why the "appointment" is just 10-15 minutes.

Do you pray for children?

Yes, as long as there is an adult present.

Do I need to have lots of faith for healing?

No, we will have faith for the healing. We have seen people healed (they told us the symptoms had gone/were pain free) who didn't expect it to happen.

Who does the healing prayer?

All the team have been trained in Oxford Vineyard & approved by the church leaders. We are all still learning.

NB. Please don't stop taking any prescribed medication without being directed to do so by your medical practitioner.


Ed's new shoes - Ed was born with one leg 4.5cm shorter than the other. He received prayer on 3 occasions, and each time the leg grew as God added bone to the leg. His Physio checked and verified what had happened. After the 3rd prayer, Ed had to go & buy a new pair of shoes - the first non-orthopaedic shoes he'd bought.

A doctor was aware of a tumour growing in the bone on her chin. After prayer it shrank & has not reappeared.

A lady with a breast lump received prayer & the lump vanished.

A Royal Marine asked for prayer - he was in pain from the previous week's training & every part of his body hurt, especially his knees and ribs. He found it difficult to walk & was afraid he wouldn't be able to complete the next week of training. After 30 seconds the pain had gone completely - he was so surprised he swore.

A man told us he only had 20% hearing in his left ear. As we prayed for him in the street he started to look over to his right, so we asked him what was happening. He said, 'The buskers are loud, aren't they!' He then explained he had been totally deaf in his right ear & could now hear perfectly in that hear, but there was no change in the ear we prayed for!

A violinist was loosing his sight & couldn't read the music to play his violin. After prayer he could see the music sheet again.

A 13 year old boy asked for prayer because he was deaf in one ear. After 60 seconds of prayer he said he could hear clearly.

A lady with fibromyalgia had a dream in which we prayed for her, so she asked us to pray. She said all the symptoms of fibromyalgia vanished.

A couple had been trying for a baby for 6 years with no success. After we prayed for them the conceived quickly & gave birth to a healthy son. This miracle has been repeated many times, including for a lady who had part of her reproductive tract removed & was told it was medically impossible for her to conceive.

There are lots more! We'll add them soon.

Ed's new shoes 2009-10-17 16.08.44.jpg