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Thanks so much for visiting our website, we hope you can find what you need...


There are several ways to connect and experience the incredible blessing Jesus has for you - see the sections below, or just drop us a line.

Would you like to meet up with someone to see what the Bible has to say about life and about God? You may be new to thinking about God or feel something stirring. We would love to meet with you & help you on your journey. There is no charge for this, and you can stop at any time.

Introducing Oxford Vineyard & Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland - our story.


01865 522338


How can I connect at the weekend?

Our usual pattern of meetings is:

1st Sunday -  Brunch @ 10am

2nd Sunday - Explorers: a family woodland event

3rd Sunday -  Brunch @ 10am

4th Sunday -  Fireside - a discipleship group for 8-13s 

What should I expect?

What else is happening? See our Events page for more info on our upcoming events. 

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We can grow spiritually in a number of ways. Here are some things on offer:

Discovery Study - a chance to look at the Bible to see what it has to say about God and about life. Ideal for anyone seeking God.

Connection Groups - these help us build relationship with other believers, at the same time as learning about Jesus so we can put our faith into practice.

Spiritual Exercises - they help us go deeper into the love of our Heavenly Father & are mostly Bible based. Suitable for all spiritual age groups!

Immanuel Ministry - build a strong relationship with Jesus, so we can deal with the baggage that we've picked up over the years. These are one to one ministry times, in person or online. Many have found them life changing.

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